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Living Wills, Estate-Planning, and Same-Sex Marriage in Boston

Rick Kraft runs the Kraft Law Offices, a law practice that is especially suited to Boston-area and Massachusetts clients. In the following pieces, Kraft puts particular emphasis on how multiple legal topics concern same-sex couples.

Estate Planning: Thinking About the Future

Here's how foresight and a solid hold on one's finances can come together to create a safety net for the next generation.

Gay Marriage: Striking a Delicate Balance

In many states, same-sex marriages are recognized. But the federal government doesn't yet recognize them. Kraft lays out some of the legal repercussions of this fact.

Living Wills and Gay Marriage

In heterosexual marriages, living wills can be completely depended on. But things are different with same-sex marriages and living wills. Kraft explains why, from a detailed legal perspective.

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Rick Kraft

Rick Kraft is a trusted source for information and advice on Estate Planning and Tax matters. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding planning for same-sex couples.